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AngularJS is a JavaScript framework by Google designed to create dynamic web apps. AngularJS is a complete solution for developing a front end based application without dependency on any other frameworks or plugin. This feature rich framework adds a spark to your web application and has a lot to offer.

AngularJS provides a great platform to build your website.


Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new ventures:

  • It supports MVC (Model, View and Controller) architecture where a developer just has to split the app into MVC components and rest is managed by AngularJS.
  • “Two Way Data binding” which ensures any change made in view will reflect in the model and vice versa.
  • The use of templates which allows you to show information from model and controller.
  • Angular Directives are attributes which enhances the functionality of html elements by adding new functionalities to them.
  • Expressions are like code snippets enclosed within curly braces which do not use any conditional statements or loops instead, they are used to format data and display it.
  • Scope is a JavaScript object that resides in the model and acts as an intermediate which controls flow of data between controller and view.

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